Life skills

Our courses offer you the opportunity to learn about yourself and make changes in your life. From assertiveness in relationships to managing stress – our friendly and supportive courses can help you express your opinions, build your self-confidence, relax and work efficiently. Throughout the week and weekends, at a variety of different times, we have many helpful and interesting life skills courses to choose from.


Would you like to be more assertive? Develop the skill of communicating effectively and on equal terms with others in these practical workshops designed to help you gain self-esteem and confidence.

Body and self image

Explore how media images and societal pressures affect body image and self-esteem, and learn how to challenge rigid expectations, developing a positive body image and greater self-acceptance.

Coaching and developing others

Learn some key coaching skills and techniques and take this chance to practise and experience coaching. Develop your ability to facilitate positive change in others and work on your own coaching action plan.

Consciousness and crochet

A fun way to increase your self-knowledge through crochet. Learn how to crochet the simple, playful universal symbols of life and explore the meaning that these have for you in daily life. Beginners welcome.

Creative thinking , a lateral approach

Learn how to develop creative and novel solutions to problems and a more lateral approach to thinking. Explore a range of techniques in a highly participatory workshop including games and group exercises.

Free writing ,exploring connections with thoughts and feelings

Writing is a powerful way to explore feelings and connect to our quieter selves. In this class you will use a range of exercises to explore yourself, your relationships and your hidden hopes. No experience required.

Free your mind , reclaim your self

Explore your unique blueprint for living and discover possibilities for transformation and change as we explore the work of psychologist Alfred Adler. Learn how to interpret your early memories and their impact.

Life coaching . GROW model

Gain an understanding of how to use the GROW model. Practise key coaching skills and enjoy first hand experience of coaching others and of being coached. Explore issues, gain clarity and set some goals.

Deal with bereavement and loss

his course offers insights into your personal experience of bereavement and loss. Discover what theory and research has revealed about bereavement, and explore your own process in a safe, confidential space.

Personal power

Identify how you surrender your power and then build strategies and practise skills to reclaim it. Develop a positive self image and build your confidence and self esteem for social occasions, meetings, interviews and making presentations.

Picture your self

Is the image you project to the world influenced by society and the media or have you chosen it for yourself? Discover how you are unique, and how to express yourself at your best with confidence.

Problem solving techniques

We may face problems every day but we don’t have to waste energy struggling to solve them. This participatory workshop will show you a range of useful and practical techniques to help navigate everyday problems.

Personality psychology

Is personality fixed or does it change? Can one really have a split personality? Despite personality being such a central idea in psychology, what makes each of us unique is still puzzling and open to question. Come and explore possible answers.

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